Fall is in the air here in New Hampshire!

The weather has actually been super hot and humid the past few days, but the leaves are starting to change, which is one of my favorite times of year.

I finally took out all my fall decorations and started to sprinkle a little autumn cheer here and there around my house last week. I’m hoping to share a few pics soon!

I had a few fall pillow covers from previous years that I used on my couch,

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Hello friends! I wanted to share two new watercolor fall printables with you today.

It’s officially back to school season, and for many, that means fall! Even though it is still technically summer a tad bit longer, once back to school hits summer is over for most of you.

My husband, who teaches high school English, went back to work yesterday to start meetings and preparing for his students arriving on Tuesday next week.

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One of my favorite pieces to use when decorating are farmhouse style pitchers. They are fairly inexpensive at Amazon, Michael’s, Target, etc, and they are super versatile pieces to have in your decor. You can keep them up all year, and easily change out the accessories to add some seasonal decor.

Below are some ideas for using farmhouse style pitchers in your decor.

Fill your farmhouse pitchers with:

  • fresh flowers from the grocery store or market or wildflowers from your yard or neighborhood
  • mini American flags for 4th of July
  • dried or faux flowers in fall and winter
  • real or faux branches
  • evergreen clippings in winter (clip them off your Christmas tree like I did!

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This summer I’ve really been trying to tackle as many organizing projects as I can. I’m trying to streamline our house so things are easier to keep clean and the house stays a little neater. If an area of my house seems messy or isn’t working, I try to find a solution to the problem.

First I tackled the entryway. I solved the mess problem by adding hooks my kids can reach,

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Hello friends!

How is your summer going? I feel like it’s going by so fast! I can’t believe it’s the end of July already. August usually goes by in the blink of any eye, and back to school is around the corner! I’m looking forward to fall, because it’s my favorite season, but I don’t want to wish away summer! I’m trying to enjoy every ice cream cone, beach day, and barbecue and savor it while it lasts!

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Let’s be real for a minute.

I. Hate. My. Bathroom. It’s dated and old and in desperate need of a remodel. Here’s the thing. We can’t afford a remodel right now. At the very least we need to replace the vanity, toilet, and light fixture.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain. I really am grateful for what we’ve got. But a girl can dream, right?

I’m constantly drooling over all the gorgeous farmhouse bathrooms on Pinterest.

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It’s true what they say. That you lose a little bit of yourself when you have kids.

Everything becomes for them, and it’s hard to find the time for you. We become so caught up in all the things that have to be done, and in taking care of our little loves, that we neglect ourselves. But it isn’t good for you, or for your kids to always be giving,

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If you saw my home improvement wish list post, you know that I have a TON of projects and updates I want to tackle this summer. Today I’m sharing one of these projects: hanging new entryway hooks.

I’ve realized that it’s necessary to change our spaces to fit the season of our lives. Right now, I have two 3 year olds, and one space that really needed to change was the entryway.

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Hello friends!

Things have been a little quiet here at Sweet Maple Lane for a bit, but I’m back and ready to party! The school year has ended, summer is here, and lots of exciting changes have been going on for me.  ( more on that to come…)

If you know me in real life, you know I love coffee. Like, really love. Love with a capital ‘L’ and a heart for the ‘o’.  

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Thank you, Mom.

Thank you for teaching me to make mashed potatoes, homemade macaroni and cheese, roast chicken, banana bread, meatballs, and cheesecake.

Thank you for teaching how to make spaghetti sauce the way your mother taught you.

Thank you for teaching me that homemade, from scratch is worth it, but it’s ok to use a frozen pie crust sometimes too.

Thank you for teaching me that cooking for others shows them you care,

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