Hello friends and happy October!

New England is a beautiful place to live any time of the year, but fall, my friends, is nothing short of magical. The leaves have started changing, the air is (finally) getting cooler, and I’ve been adding some fall touches to my decor. Read on to see my new living room bookshelves and an adorable burlap banner free printable I’m sharing with you!

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I’ve been wanting to get some bookshelves for my living room for a while now, but was having a hard time finding exactly what I wanted. I have this Threshold Carson bookshelf in white that we use as a tv console, and I wanted tall white bookshelves with lower doors for either side of it. Target does make tall bookshelves in the same line, but they only had regular five shelf bookcases in white, not the ones with the lower cabinet doors like I wanted. I knew I needed the lower cabinets for hidden storage (hellooooo, 3 year old twins!), so I kept looking. After a while of not finding what I wanted, I went back to the Target website and saw that they did have the bookshelves I wanted in a weathered gray wood. I do like the look of the weathered gray wood, and it is very farmhous-y, and I figured if I didn’t end up liking it I could always paint them white. So I bought two!

Free burlap banner printable

After putting them together I’m (1) super glad I went for the ones with the lower cabinet doors, and (2) kinda digging the weathered gray wood! I really thought that I would for sure paint them, but now I’m not so sure. I usually stay away from wood tones in my house because we have oak trim. I feel like white brightens up the space and tones down the wood trim, so most of our other furniture is white. Buuuuut, these shelves are kind of cute, no? I’m not sure about the white with the wood yet, but it’s growing on me. I’d love to know what you think. Keep ’em or paint em? Let me know in the comments!

Free burlap banner printable

I also wanted to share this new burlap banner free printable with you! I made it to use with my fall decorations, but you could use it any time of year. I included all the letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-9, a heart, an ampersand (&), and one blank one.

All you have to do is print out the letters or numbers you need, cut them out, and hang them with your choice of ribbon, twine, or string. I used a brown ribbon I had in my craft stuff. I cut little slits in the top corners of each letter, wove the ribbon through, and hung it underneath my wreath and tobacco basket. Even though it’s just paper, it really looks like burlap! I love the festive look it adds to this space.

Free burlap banner printable

Click here for the burlap banner numbers printable.

Click here for the burlap banner letters printable.

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Free burlap banner printable, perfect for farmhouse decor, holidays, or celebrations!

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