I see command centers all over Pinterest, and for good reason. Family life can be busy, with activities, appointments, and lots of paperwork. It’s a lot to keep track of! A command center can help you and your family stay organized, stay on schedule, and get everything done. I recently designed a command center to fit my family’s needs on a blank wall in our kitchen, and it has been a game changer!

What is a command center?

A command center is a place in your home for all the things that keep you and your family organized and on schedule. It can have many different elements, and you should choose the ones that best fit your family’s needs.

Some ideas for command centers:
  • calendars
  • mail organizers
  • menu/meal plan
  • grocery/shopping list
  • hooks for keys or backpacks
  • clipboards for important paperwork
  • chore charts
  • message board
  • a place for kids’ artwork.
Where should you put it?

Any blank wall can become a command center, but you want to choose a central spot that works for your home. Command centers are often in an entryway, mudroom, or kitchen. I chose to put mine in my kitchen. I had the wall space, and the kitchen is often a catchall for paperwork and other stuff I wanted to organize in the command center.

How to make a command center to organize your family

Above is a before pic of the spot in my kitchen where I put my command center. After hanging everything, I painted the trash cabinet white. I also removed the Rescue Bot stickers ­čÖé

My Command Center

How to make a command center to organize your family

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Calendars are the heart of any command center. Having central, visible calendars can help everyone in the family stay on schedule and be prepared for upcoming events. I chose to hang two of these white board style calendars so I could look ahead to the next month. I find this really useful for the end of the month when you need to see the following week, but might not want to erase the current month yet. I hung them on single nails so I can easily take them down to switch them at the end of the month. They’re also magnetic, which is really nice for easily hanging things up.

How to make a command center to organize your family

Eraser, Markers, and Magnetic Pen Holder

I bought a magnetic pen holder like this for the markers and the eraser. Everything stays organized and right where I need it.

Grocery List

I picked up a few list pads with a magnet on the back like these so items can be added to the grocery list throughout the week. I keep a regular ball point pen in the magnetic holder to use for the grocery list.

How to make a command center to organize your family

I hung four inexpensive clipboards like these underneath the calendars for miscellaneous paperwork. School calendars, church flyers, or other paperwork for upcoming events get hung here. I also use them to display my kids’ artwork if I don’t have any other info that needs to be displayed. My kids are not yet in school, so we don’t have too much of this kind of paperwork, but I imagine when they are I can use this space for permission slips to be signed, reading logs, or other things like that.

How to make a command center to organize your family

Mail Organizer

I ordered this wire mail organizer from Amazon. I put our household binder in the top slot, incoming mail in the middle, and action items in the bottom (bills to be paid, phone calls to make, etc). I decided not to use one as an out box because we rarely send outgoing mail. When I do have outgoing mail, I just put it directly in my purse to mail when I leave the house.

How to make a command center to organize your family


I used three simple white frames like these to hang two of my free printables and a family name print I ordered from Jane.com a few years ago. The ‘blessed’ sign I bought at Target this summer, and can’t find it online anymore. Here is a similar one on Amazon.

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How to make a command center to organize your family

I really love how it turned out, and it has been awesome for keeping my family organized. Do you have a command center in your home? What did you include in yours? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Hi Gina,

    Thank you for sharing your pictures and ideas of the command center. I had no idea such a solution to daily information issues could be pretty looking. I now much look forward to building one for my family (as opposed to dreading the idea of turning my home into an office like place). Makes me happy!

    Thank you once more,

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