Hi friends!  My two little pumpkins turn 3 today!  We had a birthday party for them Saturday, and I made them some special birthday shirts to wear.  If you have a little one with a birthday coming up, these shirts are super cheap, super easy, and super adorable!

DIY birthday shirt tutorial from Sweet Maple Lane

DIY Birthday Shirt Tutorial

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DIY birthday shirt tutorial from Sweet Maple Lane

Plain white or colored shirt ($3.88 at Walmart, or free if you have one already)

Small piece (6″x 8″) of fabric in a fun print ($4.92 at Walmart, with a lot left over)

Number outline (free, just google “number outline” and print)

Heat ‘n’ Bond iron-on adhesive ($5.30 from Amazon, with a lot left over)

Iron, scissors, pencil


Following the directions for the Heat ‘n’ Bond, cut a piece about the same size as your number and iron to your shirt, paper side up.  One sheet of this Heat ‘n’ Bond product will last 6-8 projects, depending on the size of your shape.

DIY birthday shirt tutorial from Sweet Maple Lane

Cut out the number outline, trace onto fabric in pencil, and cut out the number in fabric.  You can see above that I traced onto to the back, so I flipped the number so it would be right when I cut it out.  You could do this or just trace onto the front.

DIY birthday shirt tutorial from Sweet Maple Lane


Peel the paper off, stick number to shirt, and iron to adhere the number to the shirt.  I did put a piece of cardboard in between the two layers of the shirt, just to be safe.  The Heat ‘n’ Bond directions do not say this is necessary.

DIY birthday shirt tutorial from Sweet Maple Lane

That’s it!  So easy, no sewing or fancy craft maneuvers necessary.  As you can see from the picture, I made one for each of my kids.  They looked adorable at their birthday party rocking these cute shirts!

This technique is so versatile, you could easily customize the fabric and shape for any holiday or special occasion.  Pumpkins for Halloween, turkeys for Thanksgiving, reindeer for Christmas, the possibilities are endless!  I have a Christmas design in mind that I’ll be sure to share with you as soon as it’s done!

Do you have any birthdays coming up?  Let me know if you try out this technique!

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