Do you need a quick and easy piece of art to pop in a frame and spruce up your space? I made three different easy diy wall art pieces using only what I had in the house. Artistic talent not required!

Easy DIY Sharpie Wall Art

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I have been wanting to switch up my living room wall art for a while now, but I was having a hard time figuring out what I wanted in that spot.  I decided to just do a quick DIY update on what I already had hanging there, and I really like how it came out!

Supplies Needed:

Step 1: Print a Design

Print out a design on a regular piece of printer paper. I printed out the words ‘home’ and ‘sweet’ in the fonts I wanted for one piece, and some numbers for the others. I just eyeballed the placement. You could also use a stencil if you have one.

Step 2: Transfer Design to Paper

There are two ways to transfer your design to the paper.

For the ‘Home sweet Home’ art piece, I placed the printout under a piece of white construction paper and traced with a pencil. This works well if you have a thin piece of paper, like construction paper or printer paper to trace on.

Easy DIY Sharpie Wall Art

The two long skinny art pieces were a Target purchase a few years ago, and they weren’t made to be taken apart. The art was glued to the mat, and the frame was staples to the back. I had to pull the staples out to get to the art, and then I spray painted the old art and the mat with this chalk spray paint in Linen White.

Easy DIY Sharpie Wall Art

To transfer my design, I colored with pencil over the back of the design . . .

Easy DIY Sharpie Wall Art

. . . and then traced the design by pushing really hard on the outlines.

Easy DIY Sharpie Wall Art

You’ll ended up with a light pencil outline of your design, like above.

Step 3: Outline with Sharpie

Go over the outline of your design with a black sharpie.

Easy DIY Sharpie Wall Art

Step 4: Fill in the Design

I filled in the ‘Home sweet Home’ design with the black sharpie, because the font was thin enough. For the date pieces, I chose to use regular black acrylic craft paint. The numbers were thicker, and I didn’t want to dry out my marker.

Step 5: Frame it

The ‘Home sweet Home’ piece just went right in the frame and onto the wall.

The date pieces needed to dry, then I just used wood glue that I had on hand to glue the frames back onto the mat. I let them dry with some heavy cans from my kitchen cupboard for a half an hour before I hung them back up.

Easy DIY Sharpie Wall Art

I’m really pleased with how they turned out, and even happier that this update was totally free! I used only supplies I had already in my house, and it was a nice way to spend an afternoon.

I like that the wall art above the couch is more neutral now, so I don’t have to worry about switching up my couch pillows with the seasons and having them clash with the art hanging right above them.

The dates are our wedding anniversary and my twins’ birthday, by the way!

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Easy DIY Sharpie Wall Art

What do you think? I encourage you to go find something in your house that needs and update and see what you can come up with using only stuff you already have. I’d love to hear about your free DIY updates!

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