With two four year olds in the house, sometimes it feels like we’re drowning in toys. I recently went through all the toys and purged a bunch of stuff to sell, donate, or give away. After getting rid of a lot of stuff that doesn’t get played with, I was left to figure out storage solutions for what was left. For my son, that was mostly vehicles, dinosaurs, superheroes, and Rescue Bots.

If you’re not familiar with Rescue Bots, they’re basically a preschool-friendly branch of Transformers. My son loves the show (it’s on Netflix if you’re interested) and has amassed quite the collection. I wanted to find a storage solution that made it easy for him to put them away, but also displayed them nicely in his room, so he could enjoy them even when not playing with them.

I settled on these picture ledges in white. They are easy to install, look nice, and are the perfect size for the Bots. Also, I figure when he grows out of these toys they can be used to display other toys or even books as he gets older.

They were very simple to put up and came with all the necessary hardware. Once they were up we collected all the Bots to display.

Easy toy shelves using picture ledges

I really love how they came out, and my son loves them too! So far he has been really good about putting them back on the shelves when he’s done playing.

Easy toy shelves using picture ledgesAffiliate links are included for your convenience.  Read my full disclosure here.

If you’re little one has a collection, consider displaying them with these easy to put up picture ledges. I think they would be great for vehicles, ponies, trolls, books, or any small to medium sized toy.

Easy toy shelves using picture ledges


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Easy toy shelves using picture ledges

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