Let’s be real for a minute.

I. Hate. My. Bathroom. It’s dated and old and in desperate need of a remodel. Here’s the thing. We can’t afford a remodel right now. At the very least we need to replace the vanity, toilet, and light fixture.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain. I really am grateful for what we’ve got. But a girl can dream, right?

I’m constantly drooling over all the gorgeous farmhouse bathrooms on Pinterest. They’re light and airy and full of rustic charm and oil rubbed bronze. Dreamy. But {sigh} my bathroom looks nothing like that and probably won’t for a long while.

In the meantime, I scour Amazon for adorable farmhouse accessories that I can add to my dingy, dated, rustic-but-not-in-a-good-way bathroom. At least I can put blinders on and choose to see my adorable soap dispenser instead of my almond bath fixtures and orange oak everything.

Because I love you, and I love farmhouse charm, and I wish a beautiful, rustic, farmhouse bathroom for each and every one of you, I put together some of my favorite farmhouse bathroom accessories from Amazon. Happy shopping, friends!

The ultimate list of farmhouse bathroom accessories to add a touch of rustic farmhouse style to any bathroom!

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  1. chicken wire toilet paper holder
  2. white enamel trash bucket
  3. white enamel bathtub planter
  4. black country star
  5. water spout soap dispenser set
  6. toilette tin bucket
  7. spinning wall hook
  8. enamel soaps bowl
  9. old fashioned mason jar night light
  10. mini faux potted plant
  11. water spout hooks
  12. white enamel milk jug vase
  13. chicken wire bud vase set
  14. soap and water sign
  15. toilette sign
  16. mason jar soap dispenser
  17. mason jar toothbrush holder
  18. black antique toothbrush holder
  19. chicken wire basket set with ticking liners
  20. white enamel soap dish

My favorites are #9, #19, and #20. What are your favorites?

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7 comments on “Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these cute and inexpensive farmhouse ideas…I even have a few in my amazon cart LOL. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. OMG I’m in love with the bathroom Farmstyle décor how and where can I get some, I just re-painted my bathroom and i’m looking for decorations like these..

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