Hi friends!  Sweet Maple Lane is officially back to school, which means our schedules are busy, busy, busy!  Open house, practice, daycare, cross-country meets, you name it.  I’m always looking for any way to streamline things and make life run a little more smoothly.  One thing I always struggle to organize is the mail and papers in general.  It just seems to pile up so quickly!  I’ve just implemented a new mail organizing system on the hutch (see this post for reveal pictures!) and so far it has been working great!

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I use three baskets to organize the mail:

Hutch reveal by Sweet Maple Lane

  1. In Box: Incoming mail that needs to be opened.  When I get the mail I immediately recycle junk or things I don’t want, and put the real mail that needs to be opened in this basket.  I’m usually walking in the door with two cranky toddlers who immediately need a snack, drink, potty, snuggle, you name it.  This gives me a place to put it if I can’t open the mail right away.
  2. To Do: This is where I put bills to be paid, forms to be filled out, or other things that need attention.  Again, I can’t always do things all at once.  I may have time to open the mail, but not time to write checks or fill out forms or whatever, so I put the things I need to take care of in this basket to get to when I can.
  3. Out Box: This is where I put mail to go out, bills to send, or paper that has to go back to school or daycare or whatever. This way I can just grab the mail that’s ready to go on my way out the door.

I used baskets and labels I already had, but if you’re looking for something similar I’d suggest these baskets and these labels.

This system, while simple, has been working great.  I’ve also organize the small drawers in the hutch with general office supplies, envelopes, stamps, etc, so that I have what I need right where I need it.  If you’re looking for a way to organize your paper clutter, try this three basket system and see how it works for you!

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How to organize mail by Sweet Maple Lane

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