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Hi friends!  I can’t believe this is the last day of 2016!  My 2016 was filled with so much love, joy, family, and friends and I am oh so grateful for all of it.

With the new year come new year’s resolutions.  I’ve never been one for new year’s resolutions.  I’ve never even really had a new year’s resolution, really.  More power to those of you who make resolutions, but it has always been so hard for me to narrow down my goals for the upcoming year to just one resolution.  I want to do so much!  Blog! Be a better mom!  Be more organized!  Exercise!  Make time for myself!  Paint the deck!  Bake more! Etc. etc. etc.

So when I saw the idea of a single word to represent the upcoming year, it sounded like just the thing for me.  It feels more inclusive, and gives me more freedom.  I can choose one word to focus on, to inspire me as I tackle all of my goals and projects throughout the year.  One trait, or characteristic, or emotion, or whatever, that will guide me.  And Lord knows I need some guidance!  As a high school English teacher, I deal in words, so to use a word to symbolize a year’s worth of goals, challenges, attitudes, and accomplishments just feels right.

Without further ado, my word for 2017 is . . .

Sweet Maple Lane's 2017 word of the year: growth. Stop by for inspiration for your word of the year.

Here is how I hope to grow in 2017:


I’ve been blogging casually for about 6 months, but I really want to grow my blog, my readership, my social media channels, and my income this year.  I have already started doing this by planning out my posts for January and learning about blog growth through tutorials, books, and classes.  I hope to implement all that I’m learning and become a better blogger!  My goal is to grow Sweet Maple Lane to be able to connect with more mamas!

Teachers Pay Teachers

You might not know this, but my day job is teaching high school English.  I also create and sell secondary ELA products on Teachers Pay Teachers through my store, A to Z English.  In 2017 I hope to add more products to my site, including some for high school theater, which I also teach.  I have a lot of ideas for products to help other teachers and expand my offerings on Teachers Pay Teachers.


This is ongoing for us mamas, is it not?  I always feel like I can grow and be a better mom to my two wonderful kiddos.  This year my twins are 3.  If you have/had kids this age, you know it is both awesome and challenging (like all ages, I guess!).  This year I hope that I can learn from my mistakes, listen to my children, help them learn, and grow as a mother.


I have been tracking our finances since we’ve been married, but this year I really want to get down to basics with our budget.  We are running pretty tight each month, so my goal is to keep close track of our spending to see where we might save some money.  I’m trying a new website/app to track our monthly budget, so look out for a review here on the blog sometime in January.


I grew up in the Catholic faith, but my family stopped going to church when I was in middle school.  In recent years I’ve been wanting to start exploring my faith and attending church, so I checked out a few local churches and started going to one regularly in September.  In the new year, I hope to grow in both my faith and as a member of the church.  There are a lot of outreach programs for local charities and organizations that I’d like to get involved in, so I hope to make the time to do that in 2017.

And More . . .

Of course, there will be more as the year goes on, but that’s where I’m at right now.  And that’s what’s nice about a new year’s word.  I can add to my goals as I need to, all the while keeping the word ‘growth’ in mind.  I think my favorite thing about this new year’s word idea is that, because it’s not a resolution, it can’t be broken.  I will live, I will learn, and I will grow, with no resolutions to keep or break.

If you’re interested in choosing a word to inspire your 2017, check out the list below.  I hope you find just the right word to guide you through your next journey around the sun!  

Sick of new year's resolutions? Stop by Sweet Maple Lane to find out what Gina's chosen as her 2017 word of the year!

I’d love to know what your word is (or resolution, if that’s your thing) for 2017! Let me know in the comments!

Gina from Sweet Maple Lane

2 comments on “New Year, New Word: My Word for 2017”

  1. Hi,
    I just found your wonderful blog via Pinterest. I have been spending a few minutes looking around and enjoying some great ideas.
    I wanted to share my Word for 2017. It is FORWARD. I have a friend who stamps my Word on the handle of a vintage spoon that I use with my coffee. It helps put my Word front and centre during the day. Now I have a collection of my Words from the last several years.
    Thank you for sharing your blog.

    • Hi Pamela! I LOVE the idea of stamping your word on a spoon and using it everyday! Putting it front and center really does make a difference. Thanks so much for coming by!

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