This summer I’ve really been trying to tackle as many organizing projects as I can. I’m trying to streamline our house so things are easier to keep clean and the house stays a little neater. If an area of my house seems messy or isn’t working, I try to find a solution to the problem.

First I tackled the entryway. I solved the mess problem by adding hooks my kids can reach, so they can hang up their own stuff. Another area that’s been bugging me is my daughter’s hair accessories. She has never been much into headbands or bows, but has a ton of elastics and barrettes.

We had hair elastics everywhere. In both bathrooms, in her bedroom, on the kitchen counter. It was a mess.

I wanted to organize it and contain it, and move it all to her bedroom to clear some counter space in the bathrooms.

I looked around online for something that would work. I thought about a mini plastic drawer set, kind of like this, but the elastics would still just be thrown in the drawers with no real organization.

Then I came across this at my local Walmart. (The link is to a similar product on Amazon . . . I can’t seem to find a link for the exact box I bought.)

How to organize girls hair accessories

It’s to organize nails and screws and things, but I thought it would work perfectly for her hair stuff. It only took a few minutes, and my organizing heart was happy!

How to organize girls hair accessories

It works perfectly! I move it to her room and put her brush and detangling spray with it.

Seriously, if you have a daughter with a million hair elastics, consider using this LINK to organize them!

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How to organize girls hair accessories for under 10 bucks!

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