Every Spring, I get a burst of energy and optimism about home improvement. I’m going to fix this, paint that, finally replace this, and on and on. We’ve been living in this house for five years. In that time, I’ve planned out so many home improvement renovations, DIYs, and updates in my head, but haven’t actually completed very many in real life. I get busy, we don’t have the money, blah, blah.

Do you do this too? It’s human nature to dream and plan, but it’s also human nature to procrastinate. What’s a girl to do?

I’ve decided, in an effort to organize my thoughts and keep myself accountable (and inspired!), to list all my ideas here. Enter the Big List of Home Improvement Updates. Perhaps with all my ideas in one place, I’ll be more focused and more productive at completing the items on the list. I’ve also created a free printable home improvement wish list for you, so you can make your own Big List and join in on the DIY-ing fun!

Now, I realize many of things are not going to actually get done. We are hoping to put our house on the market sometime in the next year, so we can move a little closer to ‘town’. ‘Town’ is really a small city about 20 miles away, but I like to say things like “I’m going into town” and feel like I’m living in a Laura Ingalls Wilder book. I do like the idea of living out in the country, but the impracticality is getting to me. It’s. So. Much. Driving. Right now we are a 30-40 minute drive from church, the YMCA, Target (priorities), and all the restaurants, shopping, and activities that are in the small city near us. We’d like to move closer before the kids start school, so another year or possibly two.

That being said, the focus has shifted from updating the house for me, to updating the house to sell. Still, I’d like the updates to still feel like my country farmhouse style. Because of the plan to sell and the timeline, some of the items on the list will get done, and some will not. I’m ok with that. Just the act of listing all my ideas has already made me feel more productive!

The plan is to tackle what we can, and just keep working at it. I’ll update this list as projects get done, with links to tutorials and before and afters.  Hopefully having it all here will keep me organized and on track. Next time I’m wondering what to do next, I can just refer to this list and quit procrastinating and get moving!

Alright, room by room, here is the Big List (with a few notes and ideas and some links to show you what products I’m thinking about).

Use this free printable checklist to organize all your home improvement ideas!

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Living Room/Dining Room

  • finish spray painting curtain rods (oil rubbed bronze)
  • wall art above couch and tv
  • decorate tv shelves
  • organize toys
  • screen for sliding door
  • paint baseboard heaters white


  • paint bench white
  • paint mirror white
  • paint shelf white
  • hang hooks
  • hang baskets (for mittens, hats, etc)
  • new entryway table
  • paint inside of front door (aqua blue?)
  • organize coat closet for maximum storage
  • long rug under hooks
  • mat for in front of door
  • new light fixtures

Downstairs Bathroom

  • paint vanity (white? green? blue? gray?)
  • paint medicine cabinet
  • art above towel rack
  • shelf above toilet?
  • replace ugly fluorescent lighting

Stairs and Upstairs Hallway

  • paint (need a big ladder)
  • new light fixtures

Upstairs Bathroom

  • replace vanity
  • replace medicine cabinet
  • replace toilet
  • paint shower and tub white
  • vanity backsplash and decorative tile in shower and tub
  • replace towel rods and toilet paper holder
  • shelves behind toilet
  • organize linen closet

Master Bedroom

  • new carpet
  • paint walls
  • headboard and foot bench
  • night tables
  • art above bed
  • bedding
  • new ceiling fan
  • new curtains

Kids’ Room

  • twin beds and bedding
  • stuffed animal and toy storage
  • update artwork from ‘baby’ stuff

‘Pink’ Room (named for it’s pink rug)

  • new rug
  • paint walls
  • make into a playroom/home office combo
  • clean out big closet
  • new ceiling fan
  • new curtains

Laundry Room

  • clean (floor and walls)
  • hang shelf above washer and dryer
  • organize for laundry baskets, hanging stuff, folding, etc


  • clean
  • get rid of all the junk


  • paint deck and porch
  • replace lattice
  • plant shade plants in the front
  • plant vegetable garden on the side
  • make a kids play area and set up swing set
  • paint outside doors black (try this paint?)
  • grow grass on top part of driveway
  • plant flowers by the big rock
  • DIY a cute house number (planter? on the rock? post? on the house?)
  • get driveway regraded
  • put rocks under deck and by basement door

Whelp. That is a long list. How much of it can I really get done? I guess we’ll see!

Below is the printable home improvement wish list I made for you. I organized it by room, just like my list above. Just fill in your wish list items under each room, and start tackling your projects! I hope it helps you stay organized, focused, and productive.

Home improvement tasks checklist

Click here to download.

Happy DIY-ing, friends!

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