Hi friends!  I hope everyone had a magical Christmas or is still enjoying a lovely Hanukkah or Kwanzaa!

We had a wonderful Christmas, with still one celebration today with my in-laws.  I spent time with family, ate yummy food, and loved seeing my kids get so excited over everything this year.  Now that they’re three, they understand what’s going on a little bit more, and really enjoyed all the celebrations!

Now that Christmas is over, it’s almost time to put away all of the holiday decor.  I’m always a little sad to pack up my Christmas decorations.  We usually leave everything up, including the tree, until New Year’s day, and then I put away all of the overtly ‘Christmas’ decorations, pack up the ornaments and lights, and lug the tree into the woods.

I have a lot of spring, summer, and fall decor, but am lacking winter decor that isn’t ‘Christmas’ decor.  After I pack up the Christmas decorations, I always struggle with what to decorate with!  I’ve been searching Amazon for winter decor items that don’t scream ‘Christmas’, and I wanted to share some of these finds with you!

I’m leaning toward a neutral color scheme as a break from all the red.  Check out these wintry, cozy, non-Christmas decor ideas, and pin the image below to save it for later!

Wondering how to decorate after Christmas is over? Check out these winter decor ideas!

Affiliate links are included for your convenience.  Read my full disclosure here.

Row 1: snowflake table runner || evergreen wreath

Row 2: mitten banner

Row 3: rustic wooden stars || pine cones || birch candles

Row 4: string lights || Let it Snow burlap banner || mini birch trees

I’d love to know how you decorate after Christmas!  When do you pack up the holiday decorations?

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